HOME NEWS Cooper tire AT3 Contribute to Great Wall Motor’s ‘Ten-thousand-mile’ Stress Testing

Cooper tire AT3 Contribute to Great Wall Motor’s ‘Ten-thousand-mile’ Stress Testing

 (Shanghai, China - July 2021) Recently, Great Wall Motor's "Ten-thousand-mile Stress Testing" ended successfully in Baoding. Since May 17 th, Cooper Tire supported Great Wall Motors to launch the Round China plan, assisting the Great Wall Poer pickup truck team to complete the ten thousand miles journey including 25 cities in China in 30 days.



During the 30 day’s journey over Hongla mountain, Nujiang 72 turns, Bomi rainforest, Sejila Mountain, Mira mountain, Tanggula Mountain, Kunlun Mountain and other areas, the safe and stable driving experience of the Great Wall Poer pickup truck team is inseparable from the product and technical support of Cooper tires to cope with various terrain and road conditions. Thanks to the powerful all terrain off-road performance of the CooperDiscoverer AT3 4s to provide high trafficability  for the 30 days long-distance travel in China,the Great Wall Poer truck team has played well and proved its cross country abilities in all road conditions like continuous curves, climbing lanes, and plateau dirt roads.




As the original equipment off-road tire of the Great Wall Poer pickup, Cooper tire Discoverer AT3 4S is confident to handle obstacles from terrain and weather, for it has strong grip and excellent wet performance with its Adaptive Traction Technology. This is also a powerful guarantee for the Great Wall Motors team to travel to Xi'an, Sichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and return back to Hebei. No matter the road is rough or plain, the weather is hot or wet, the team can deal with it freely and gallop at ease.



The excellent performance of Cooper Tire Discoverer AT3 4S all terrain four season tire benefits from the application and design of professional technology and unique patterns. The deep sipe design of AQUA VACTMCHANNELS improve brake perfomrance in rainy days; SNOW-GROOVETM zigzag groove design can also bite the snow in the snow season, makes driving safer and more reliable; MICRO-GAUGETM curved groove design and fine patterns increase the stability and control of the vehicle, which can help the vehicle achieve the best traction; SECURE-GRIPTM5 helps all terrain mode to provide excellent trafficability and excellent traction on outdoor harsh roads. The application of these technologies and pattern design make the Cooper Tire Discoverer AT3 4S tire has better dry wet handling performance for all terrain and all season.




As a leader in SUV & 4x4 off-road field, the cooperation between Cooper Tire and Great Wall Motor has a long history. In addition to the original equipment of Great Wall Motor's Great Wall Poer tire pattern Discoverer AT3 4S with specifications of 265 / 65r18 114t, the original matching of Great Wall Motor's Haval H6, Haval H9, Haval Big Dog, Tank 300 and other popular SUV models,  are also provided with different patterns and specifications of Cooper Tires.