HOME NEWS Taking on Route G318, Cooper Tire Lights Off-road Trend in China with Best-in Class Performance

Taking on Route G318, Cooper Tire Lights Off-road Trend in China with Best-in Class Performance

On September 8, 2021, the joint team of Cooper Tire China and Haval H9 completed a 9-day road trip of route G318, covering more than 2000 kilometers from Chengdu to Lhasa. Since the campaign warmed up from August 18, 2021, Cooper Tire have received positive response from media, SUV owners, customers, as well as many off-road influencers. attracting great attention from the whole society in China. This is a carnival for cross-country enthusiasts. With the great efforts from Cooper Tire China team, Great Wall Haval H9 team, Haval H9 Hongjiu club and other participants, the Go Borderless with the Coopers on G318 Sichuan Tibet route road trip campaign in 2021 came to a perfect end, and the excellent off-road performance of Cooper has once again become a hot topic.


Driving across Nyainqentanglha Range which is the most broken mountain canyon area on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is rather dangerous. This 2400km Sichuan Tibet route has a sacred place in the mind of Chinese travelers. It represents precipitousness. At the end of August, the changeable climate increases the difficulty especially the journey is mixed with riprap, water flow, sharp turns and steep slopes. The extreme terrain of G318 puts forward higher requirements for tires. Cooper Discoverer AT3 series all terrain four season tires take on the important task of this trip with its best-in performance and turn the precipitous road into a safe journey.




At the end of summer, there are continuous rain-washed roads and riprap roads formed by various small landslides. And some roads are still under construction, these are all tests for Cooper Tires in the journey. Exclusive to the Discoverer AT3, rugged traction shoulders provide increased off-road. Ledges that easily eject stones and gravel, helping to prevent tire damage from stones. Also, helps maintain a clean tread for enhanced road traction.


Some sections at the junction of Sichuan and Tibet are even completely unpaved. In recent years, Haitong gap dropping stones District, is the only way to Tibet. With Natural disasters and continuous large-scale landslides all year round. No matter how good the performance of off-road vehicles passes through Haitong gap, they will inevitably encounter various difficulties. With the new all-terrain pattern design, the unique 5-rib all-road pattern provides better off-road trafficability and improves grip on dry and wet surface. New tear resistant silica compound combined with new tread pattern design ensure superb cutting and chip resistance.


When the fleet arrived in Lhasa, the strong sunlight poured down. The Whisper Grooves technology in Discoverer AT3 cuts off road noise and makes driving on the streets of Lhasa a quiet ride, allowing drivers in the fleet experience enjoy the colorful scenery of holy city accompanied by Cooper’s tires.


In 2021, Go Borderless with the Coopers on G318 Sichuan Tibet route road trip is a perfect test of Cooper’s tires. During the journey, customers can not only enjoy the magnificent scenery of great rivers and mountains but also jointly experience the off-road performance of Cooper and sense the brand spirit of " No Cooper no Off-Road; Real Cooper real brothers ".


Cooper Tire has been committed to bringing comfort, safety and distinctive driving experience to Chinese consumers. As a "global SUV & off-road tire master", with strong product performance, Cooper’s tires brought Go Borderless with the Coopers on G318 Sichuan Tibet route road trip to a perfect end, which was highly praised by guests and influencers.

In the future, Cooper Tire will continue to provide the real off-road experience of “no Cooper, no off-road" for the majority of off-road enthusiasts, realizing the commitment that everyone deserves to travel in life’s journey with confidence, and Cooper is there at every turn.